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Sixfold League: Noel Victoria Roy by Crystias Sixfold League: Noel Victoria Roy by Crystias
Hahaha and I thought I was smart enough to resist all of the new groups coming out. Nope, I was totally wrong. XD!

This is for :iconsixfold-league: , a group that several of my friends and some amazing artists are all joining as either NPCs or actual competitors (this is an OCT). I decided to make an NPC...mainly because I'm not a big fan of being in OCTs...but I absolutely love the idea and I want to RP in this group sooo Noel was born.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that Helios is a actual pokemon I own on my Pokemon White (to a certain extent). He was given to me by :iconchiricho: when I visited her last year.

Name: Noel Victoria Roy
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 5'5"


Necklace: Given to her when she started her journey by her best friend (at the time) Phillip, Noel has kept this around her neck ever since. It was given to her so that way she will "never forget him". It is a locket with a picture of Phillip from when he was 10 years old inside it.

Bracelet: This bracelet was her birthday present from her mother on her 11th birthday. She was sad about how she did not have the talent to win battles, and her mother wanted to cheer her up by buying her a nice accessory that has a small gem in the middle, signifying Noel as a gem that needs to be polished.

Bag: She carries everything in this bag. Food, drinks, flowers, you name it. She bought this bag for herself when she saw it one day while shopping around.

Juice Drink Mixers & Water Bottle: Ever since she was a little girl, Noel absolutely loved juice. As long as the juice was sweet and sugary, she did not mind drinking whatever kind of juice came in her way (except vegetable juice, she found that disgusting). So when drink mixers came out with juice flavors, she started buying them as something she could enjoy while on the job or while she is eating food.

Likes: Books | Juice Drink Mixes (like those On-the-Go Crystal packets you put in your water) | Tickle Fights | Singing | Watching Splatter (her Smeargle) draw/paint | Feeling good about herself | Day dreaming

Dislikes: Battling other trainers | Star getting Noel into situations she's uncomfortable with | Splatter's cooking | Being put down by others | Her inability to go up to others | Losing money | Having her pokemon get injured | Really spicy food | Feeling useless.

Personality: Before she owned Helios, Noel was a tomboy. She liked to play dirty, have adventures, and dream that she would be something great someday. She even had a more outgoing personality and would go up to a person to ask if they wanted to play a game with her group.
Right after Noel got Helios, she became more serious. She wanted to fulfill her dream. But as time went on and as more and more people told her how horrible of a trainer she was, she became more quiet, and less likely to go up to someone. It is now to the point that she is afraid of asking for something or talking to others at times because she's afraid she'll say something that will offend the other person(s) in the conversation.

She also is more down in the dumps than she was before she owned Helios, mostly because her dream was crushed so easily, and how she thinks she'll never achieve her goal. As you can see, she has a problem with self-confidence, which is why she has been unable to improve her skills as a trainer.

Once you become friends with her (and have her realize that what she says probably won't offend you), she'll show that more upbeat happy self that she used to be many years ago.

Overall she's a nice girl with a big heart whose dreams were crushed.

Brief History:
Noel was born and raised in Epicent City. When she was younger, she would make friends with a lot of guys, who would then talk about their dream to become a great pokemon trainer. She also had that dream, wanting to travel around and wield powerful pokemon to help her to become a legend yet at the same time be a kind trainer who help newcomers. For years she would dream of the day she got her first pokemon, so when the time came, she was so excited she woke up early just to make it to the professor's house.

She chose Helios from the bunch because she found him absolutely adorable, yet she thought he was strong and gentle, much like the trainer she wanted to become. When she was about to leave, Phillip, who was also starting his journey, met up with her and decided to give her a necklace so she would never forget him because Noel "had a bad memory".

However, her journey was cut short, really short. When she tried to go outside of Epicent City she would be attacked by wild pokemon and she would do fine, but when it came to battling trainers she was awful. No matter how hard Helios tried, Noel did not have the talent needed to defeat even the most easiest trainers. Every time she was defeated, someone would laugh in her face and point out how horrible of a trainer she was, and eventually her hopes and dreams were crushed to dust.

Noel returned to Epicent City and decided to stay in her parent's house. She would do chores, sit around, or just read books about pokemon. But she would try to avoid watching the television that showed big tournaments. The thought of battling put her down, knowing that she didn't have the talent to do so.

After a couple of years, she tried again, she now had two pokemon (Helios and Star), and gained a bit more confidence after Star would nag her to train with wild pokemon. But again, her hopes were easily crushed and she went back to Epicent City with nothing but failures, this time she borrowed money from her parents to buy an apartment to live in.

Every now and then Noel would go out and try to battle against other trainers, but she would eventually lose everything and feel worse because she got beaten by a ten year old child. She also would call Phillip, telling him about her "adventures" in the wild, while he would send her things he didn't need, like a moonstone that would eventually evolve Star into a Delcatty. Eventually he stopped calling her and she stopped trying to call him, thinking that he probably did not want to hear the boring events that happen in her life in Epicent City.

Noel decided to watch the tournament being held in Epicent City so that way she could go out and feel more confident to go battle trainers again.

People She Knows
Noel doesn't have anyone here...send me a note if you wish to RP with me and we can figure something out. Don't worry, I don't bite 8D

:bulletwhite:She works as cashier part time at a flower shop in order to make money (since she usually loses it from battling trainers when she tries to go out into the world).
:bulletwhite:Noel has a decent singing voice, but it is usually too soft for anyone to hear. She also doesn't like to sing in front of others.
:bulletwhite:Noel gained a dislike for spicy food because of a particular instant with really hot peppers and green beans.



Name: Helios
Species: Eevee
Gender: Male
Nature: Mild
Characteristic: Highly curious
Ability: Adaptability
:bulletwhite:Quick Attack
:bulletwhite:Double Team
:bulletwhite:Trump Card

:bulletwhite:Noel's first pokemon and also her weakest pokemon.
:bulletwhite:He absolutely loves scarves.
:bulletwhite:Whenever Noel is feeling down in the dumps, he likes to use his move "Tickle" to make her laugh…a lot
:bulletwhite:Noel likes keeping him out of his pokeball because she loves to have him on her shoulder.
:bulletwhite:While he isn't the one that gets into fights, he will defend Noel and will loyally follow her orders.

Name: Star
Species: Delcatty
Gender: Female
Nature: Sassy
Characteristic: Somewhat vain
Ability: Cute Charm
:bulletwhite:Icy Wind
:bulletwhite:Rain Dance

:bulletwhite:She's really…REALLY vain
:bulletwhite:Noel met Star as a Skitty when she was starting out. She somehow caught Star and has had to deal with her ever since.
:bulletwhite:Star evolved when she found a moonstone that Noel had gotten as a gift from one of her old friends.
:bulletwhite:She is usually the one that get Noel into all sorts of situations.
:bulletwhite:She gets easily irked.
:bulletwhite:She is Noel's main battle pokemon mainly because Star is usually the only pokemon with the motivation to attack. She also usually starts the battle.
:bulletwhite:When battling, Star likes to take matters into her own hands…a lot. She relies on the hope that her opponent is a male so she can use her charm to win the battle.

Name: Splatter
Species: Smeargle
Gender: Male
Nature: Quiet
Characteristic: Often lost in Thought
Ability: Own Tempo
:bulletwhite:Dragon Pulse
:bulletwhite:Hidden Power [Ice]

:bulletwhite:He has the coloring (mostly) from the Gen. 2 games.
:bulletwhite:One day while Noel was walking home she found this cute guy following behind her. She tried take him back to the wild but he would just follow her back home. She eventually used a Pokeball and made him a part of her team.
:bulletwhite:Most of the time he can be seen sketching in a sketchbook Noel bought for him. A lot of pictures in the book are of Star, but he does like drawing pictures of new friends he has met.
:bulletwhite:He is the least likely to battle mostly because of his quiet and peaceful nature. However, if you anger him, he will fight.
:bulletwhite:Likes to cook on occasion, although Noel would not recommend trying his "creations" (they aren't very good).
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TeaDino Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Bwheheh lookit this gal
poor bby I just want to pet her and be like 'ITS OK DON'T LISTEN TO THOSE PEOPLE

maybe Howard will teach 'er a thing or two, although he's a bit too gruff maybe haha

but ahh ye can't wait to see where she goes, also she and her pokemon are lovely
Crystias Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2012  Student General Artist
Bawww I know right? ;A;

Haha oh man, Noel and Howard would have an intriguing friendship if he did something like that...ovo;;

Aww thanks man <3 I really love her pokemon too. They were so much fun to create.
RobertSalgado Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's so cute and I like her pokemon too.
Crystias Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you! I actually had a hard time trying to pick her pokemon out.
RobertSalgado Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Welcome.You did a pretty good combination if you ask me.
Crystias Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012  Student General Artist
Haha I'm glad the combination is to your liking.
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